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If our eyes are blinded by the dazzling sparkle of commodity, we can exercise other senses to see in the everyday darkness. So the refusal of the things we see make us born again, our self awakens from darkness. Let’s smell the things that surround us, let’s touch them, let’s listen to the city background noise, just in this way we’ll manage to understand that turning these things in commodity is death. Let’s start to sniff the smell of sick: we are in a hospital ward, there is a continue necessity of disinfestations. We are in the human slaughter, we can clearly feel the blood heath and smell. We are in the nature concert, we can clearly hear its shrill upheavals. Closing the eyes, blinded by the commodifying brightness, is not the death of every hope; the refusal smell cannot be deleted, the surreptitious smell of the reproduced cannot eliminate life perfume: let’s distinguish them. We can still listen to life rhythm, let’s rediscover our body in the candour of the gesture. Let’s develop new senses, let’s revive the places, with closed eyes, yes, but with heart and mind on the alert.

No more denial, as a principal practice to survive. Yes, it seems difficult to find a space of sense, with a power that deploys on our lives, that tramples on fellow human beings, establishing itself with abuse and arrogance. There is, anyway, space between the hero and the longing robot. There is space to surpass ourselves and find those structures that connect us to other selves. These are the connections between the sphere of self, a form where the desires of the self are based, the sphere of the other, a process where we base our ethic behaviour, and the sphere of us, where imaginary forms and historical narrations take life; these things can help us to walk with our eyes closed. The acknowledgement of these things allows the forming of the political. A dimension where the man becomes aware of the behaviour sloth of the utilitarian nomad monad: the modern man. Zombies with dull eyes that live only of commoditization. Denial: for many people a pathological defence mechanism. Well, as a blind man I tell you: let’s sniff the things around us, let’s tell apart the smell of death from the smell of life. Let’s touch the objects and the subjects around us, the cold will indicate the commodity, the warm will indicate the handiwork and the human. Let’s enjoy our days, the taste will warn us about the rotten things and will delight us with the things  flavour offers us. Let’s hear the equilibrium of time passage, the sounds will have frequencies and the noises will remain unheard. Let’s imagine with all senses. Let’s listen with touch, let’s taste with hearing, let’s palpate with olfaction, let’s sniff with taste, in the end we will see again. The brightness, the sparkle, the phantasmagorical commodity will not lock us up in the darkness anymore. The established connections will bring us new senses, the new formed sphere of the self will save us from the drift of the senses, the sphere of the other will strengthen the acknowledgement ethic, the sphere of us will live a politic able to recognize the community of the mind. We will live with more senses, outside the darkness. (QuA)

Photos by Mario Spada

Darkness doesn’t allow us to see,

but in the darkness we can hear.

Not only in the sense of listening to,

with other senses we can also join in.

We can smell, touch, taste the things around us

Thus spoke Quincas the Water-carrier