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Lonely but straight these two wanted artists (though more wanted by the police than by art collectors) follow their mission to spread abnormal, irritating even scary signs. With their desperate try to awake the overdosed mind of the Italian people – feeded with powdered milk and a dull TV programme, the works of cyop&kaf reach the remotest middle-class districts or really poor outlying districts, but also art galleries and most reactionary minds. They reveal themselves as a drop in the movement of our prevailing standardized uniform thoughts. In their point of view the listing of single or collective exhibitions of some artists -especially in recent times- is only a means to improve their income. Cyop&kaf however regard that it is quite poor to put everything on a reduced list documenting past times. That’s why they invite their audience to an open-air exhibition which is indeed open on 365 days a year admission free for everyone – this exhibition is permanently under construction between the city centre of Naples and the immense periphery just in order to say: ”Open your heart – but especially your eyes!”

(rione traiano)